Monday, May 19, 2008

3 Affiliate Marketing Tips

You've all seen the websites selling affiliate programs claiming that everyone can make $10,000 a month only working an hour a day. Well, unfortunately those days are over. The competition is fierce. These days it takes it takes a lot more than just throwing some banners on a website to make money. Armed with some knowledge though and a few proven techiniques, you can greatly improve your chances of success with affiliate marketing.

Here are methods of some of the most successful marketing methions.

1. Pay Per Click Search Engines
Maybe the times of free search engine traffic are not totally gone, they have faded significantly with increased competition from SEO experts. You can study a lot of SEO information and work very hard making web sites that rank well in search engines. It is possible, it is just difficult for those new to online affiliate marketing.

Luckily and alternative is available. Pay per click search engines let you get very targeted traffic by paying for your clicks from popular search engines like Google and Overture. You can have a top position in those sites almost instantly. This isn't a get rich quick skeem though, it takes a lot of managing of your pay per click campaigns to keep them profitable.

2. Creating your own email lists
Making an email list and sending product offers with emails is a very effective method of creating additional and continual income. Instead of having people sent directly to one of your sponsors, an email list allows you to send many offers to people on your list. This will introduce them to many products they may be interested in.

3. Owning an affiliate program
If you you were able to make .50 cents in profit from every form filled out on your site, would you be willing to pay give someone else .25 cents to send you those filled out forms?
One of the most overlooked methods of getting traffic is to have others people send it to you. There are several advantages to owning your own affiliate program. One of these advantages is is that your affiliates will be generating traffic for you instead of the other way around.

Of course the best method for advertising is to use all of the above methods. Being diverse in your traffic and income sources will help to make you successful and keep you successful even in the quickly changing world of affiliate marketing

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