Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Working With Your Merchants

Contacting your online affiliate marketing merchant is always a good idea. Whether you are just signing up with them or have been promoting your products for a while, you can learn a lot by making a few contacts at the merchant. Let them know how you promote or are going to promote their products.
The merchant will be very familiar with their products and may have valuable tips and suggestions on how to market their program. They know will also know what their successful affiliates are doing to make sales. A contact with your merchant also just makes good business sense
Contacting the merchant tells them that you are dedicated to working for them and advertising their products. Merchant's know that most of there sales come from just a few of their affiliates. Good merchants will recognize your dedication and often offer you special marketing material or even bonuses.
Dealing with merchants
If you try to contact your merchant and they don't respond, try sending them another message. If you still don't get a response you should think twice about promoting them as their lack of communication may mean that the company has problems - like paying their affiliates!
Communication Tips
It sounds pretty simple, but you should always be very professional with you contact a merchant. This communication gives you an opportunity to make any suggestions you may have to their program. Believe it or not affiliate programs want to hear from their affiliates. They want to know what their affiliates need and want to keep them happy.
Keeping on that same them, good merchants will be very respectful and prompt with payments. In fact it there is a problem with a payments, the affiliate program will usual get it resolved as quickly as possible.
The longer your relationship last with a merchant, the more you will understand the way they work and the more important you will become to them. But if you are a beginning online affiliate marketer, a merchant can offer a lot of suggestions for getting you started.

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